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English Language

Jump Into English is ideal for student and parent groups with age appropriate, content based ELD activities and curriculum.



Master technology skills such as navigating the internet, accessing school and district websites, using email and much more.



Lesson activities to build language confidence in order to connect and get involved in the school and local community.

JIE in Action


Our Vallecitos parents have benefited tremendously from Jump Into English. The biggest and most obvious change that I have witnessed in them is not necessarily the acquisition of English- although they feel much more comfortable speaking the language- but rather their ability to advocate at a larger scale for their children without feeling embarrassed or intimidated by the system. They have become very united as a group and supportive of each other. Next week, they will attend the district’s board meeting to be exposed to the decision-making structure that runs the school. We are looking forward to building their advocacy capacities even further; I see leadership potential in the group, and perhaps future ELAC and PTA presidents are being trained via this program.

Dr. Alex Gonzalez
Program Specialist
Migrant Education Region IX
San Diego County Office of Education

We partnered with Jump Into English this past year and could not be happier with the success of the program! During our initial planning stages, we were doubtful that our small school would be able to recruit enough parents to host the program, but we were completely wrong. Parents in our district jumped at the chance to improve their English skills and be part of the larger school community. Not only did we have enough to start the program, all but one person stayed for the three-part series. At their final class, the parents were beaming with joy because of all the work they had put in and had gained so much confidence in themselves and their English skills that it made it all worth it. We plan to capitalize on this momentum by getting our parents to be active members of our DELAC and parent committee. I cannot speak highly enough about what your school and families will get out of this program! It is definitely worth your investment.

Mr. Troy Miller
Arcohe Union School District

After years of parent requests for language and technology support, we chose to implement Jump Into English at multiple school sites. Without a doubt, it is the most comprehensive and empowering program for parent involvement. Our parents have developed a comfort with technology while acquiring English language skills. With this newfound confidence, we are experiencing a much more engaged and involved parent.

Ms. Josephine Fierro
Categorical Program Manager
Lodi Unified School District

By participating in Jump Into English, parents become empowered while learning English and learning about their school and community. Parents always appreciate the opportunity to have a program that helps them connect better. It has been such a pleasure to see parents become more confident and comfortable getting involved in the school community.

Dr. Beverly Eidmann, Ed. D.
Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability
King City Union School District

It is hard to deny the barrier that language can create. But as our parents enrolled in Jump Into English, we immediately started seeing that barrier begin to fall. And as our parents grow in their use of English, I am encouraged by the increase in their involvement on this campus. We want all parents to feel valued at Woodbridge. Providing Jump Into English is the most tangible way for us to show our English Learning parents how important they are.

Mr. Neil Young
Principal, Woodbridge Elementary School
Lodi Unified School District

Our OSY (Out of School Youth) students like the program and the class; they think it's fun and interesting, and they especially like learning more English after school.  A common thought in their journals about what they like best is the "Group work."  The students worked in small groups of three or four on their community service and fundraiser projects.  The students also loved doing their family trees. They presented them to the class and talked about their various family members in English!  The curriculum is enjoyable to teach because of its relevancy to the OSY students.  This is what I appreciate most about the program.

Mrs. Connie Fellios
Migrant Education Teacher
Fallbrook Union High School District

Because of the wonderful program you offer, our Santa Rita Elementary parents were able to participate in the level 1 and level 2 courses! In addition to our parents learning English and basic computer skills, they were able to build friendships and memories with their classmates. Our parents attended all their classes and learned so much! This program helped them gain confidence and appreciation for learning. The teaching staff was wonderful! Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Mirel make an outstanding teaching team. They both bring different qualities to the table that make them both more efficient! At our graduation ceremony, our parents performed a skit in English and seemed to be having so much fun! The transformation for these parents is incredible! I wanted our parents to take these classes so they can learn and so that they can inspire and motivate their students; this task was accomplished, and they inspired me! Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity to our families.

Mrs. Ana Cuevas
Principal, Santa Rita Elementary School
Santa Rita Union School District

The program helped us a lot. It gave us a chance to learn the language and be able to help our daughter with her homework. Everything about the program was very well. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Maria V., Salinas, CA

I thank every single person who is involved in this program, because they are giving us the opportunity to get ahead in this country. I am very content and happy for this great opportunity.

Blanca O., King City, CA

It was a great experience. It helped me learn how to write and pronounce words since I didn't know how. Thanks.

Lupe R., Lodi, CA

I like this program because I have advanced a lot in reading and writing, thank you.

Anthony V., Farmersville, CA

Thanks to the program that I feel that I am losing the fear and not to be as timid of speaking and also of expressing myself in English. Thanks to the program I feel more confident and that every day I am improving.

Lucila N., Lodi, CA

I like it because I feel more confident to speak English because my vocabulary is increasing more and more.

Jessica M., Herald, CA

I like the program for because I can study at my own pace.

Jose D., Selma, CA

It was a very nice experience to learn English. It has helped me a lot at my work. Thank you for the opportunity given to us.

Esperanza V., Farmersville, CA

The program has helped me a lot in remembering things that I had learned, but for the lack of practice I forget it. Also it has helped bring my family closer because I can work with my daughter's on their homework, and for my husband to be able to have more opportunity to understand not just his daughter's but his daily life.

Moserratt G., Herald, CA

It is a very good program, I learned a lot and I feel a little more confident. I now feel comfortable to talk and try to help my son.

Maria H., Salinas, CA

Thanks to this program I learned a lot of words in English.

Norma S., San Joaquin, CA

I would like to thank you for the support you are providing and hopefully we can continue learning in order to help our students.

Susana C., San Diego, CA

It was a great experience to interact with other parents and learn together.

Rufina G., Salinas, CA

I would like to thank the teachers and the school for given us this opportunity for us to try to learn and be able to help us and help our kids. Thank you.

Lorena H., Lodi, CA

We really loved the program. We really should dedicate that time for us parents to help our children. I work in the fields and I want to learn more English to help me move up in the company or a new job, so I can understand and respond when someone asks me something in English. My husband and I really enjoyed it and we are so excited for our second round. The teachers were so motivating and encouraging.

Domitila G., Castroville, CA

Jump Into English helped me feel more confident with my classroom peers. It also helped me feel more confident contacting my child’s teacher. At the beginning it can be a little hard, but it’s very important to get involved in the school in order to help our children. In my opinion, everything we learned was very helpful. I hope to continue and learn more.

Ernesto M., Fresno, CA

It was a great experience because I was able to learn the most frequent words and numbers. This program is very good. The teachers are creative, attentive, friendly and above all, have a lot of patience. Everything is very well.

Ana C., Salinas, CA